Beaches and Breezes

Beaches and Breezes


B is for Beaches and Breezes. Nothing sounds better than a warm, summer day that comes with a slightly cooling breeze on the beach. Whether it’s Martha’s Vineyard or Clearwater Beach, beaches can be a time to relax and gather your thoughts. It’s important to look your coolest, not because the summer temperatures can get extremely hot, but you can feel confident. Feeling confident and relaxed is an awesome combination, so check out the Kendall and Kylie Jenner swimwear collection. Their pieces offer a range of bold swimwear for the summer months. So what else makes a great beach outfit besides a stunning swimsuit? A bold beach bag. Put just as much effort into your swimsuit as you do your beach bag. A beach bag is more than just a holder for your clothes, it is fashion statement. It shows you care about every single part of your beach day. Last but not least, it is important to know that you don’t have to wear a baggy t-shirt for your overlay. Getting to the beach is a moment full of excitement, so why not wear an exciting outfit. Some nice shorts is all you need because the whole time you may not want to reveal your swimsuit. Sometimes the breeze can come stronger than we hope, so it’s important to have cute overlaying clothes. It’s important to be bold at the beach, but most importantly don’t forget your sunscreen!

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