Get the Look-Beyonce

Get the Look-Beyonce

T is for tank tops in the unfairly, hot summer. So how do you wear a tank top? Well, first you want to remember not to show too much skin. I know you’re probably thinking of hot weather that showing lots of skin is a must, but really you can wear nice jeans with large holes in them. This way you can still look covered, yet not feel the burning wrath of the sun. Tanks and holey jeans are quite boring, so in order for the outfit to reach its’ full potential, you need to capitalize on the shoes. Wearing any neon shoes with such a simple outfit is the key to making your “OOTD” exciting. Beyonce took it to a new level by wearing sandal heals, so don’t be afraid to go bold with the shoes. Not everybody wants to carry a huge purse or cross body all day when they’re trying to enjoy their summer, so just carry a fun wristlet or wallet to hold the stuff you need. Last but not least, add your sunglasses. It’s sunny in the summer, so do yourself a favor and protect your beautiful eyes. Your sunglasses don’t have to be the boldest of the bold, just rock a simple, black pair to keep your eyes alive. If you already have the bright shoes, it’s not necessary to add bright sunglasses. Let your shoes do all the walking and talking.


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